Significant Stuff

July 18, 2010

My feet and ankles don’t swell if I get up off my butt.  How fair is that?

I’ve carefully constructed my laptop troll existence.  It could even be a desktop, because it’s not like I pack it up and take it anywhere.  That would require extrication from this chair.

I’d kick and scream about having to alter my life path if it didn’t require so much effort.

Now I have to re-work everything to include a substantial physical effort every flippin day.  Or my freekin feet and ankles swell up.



Why?  Why, why, why, whine?

Sometimes, don’t you just WANT to go gently into that good night?  Yeah.  Me too.  With potato chips and 5 hours of Bubble Town.

Gotta go.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  The end result is that I work in the garden.  Or walk my dog longer.  Or clean my house.


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