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July 12, 2010

I’d like a new prayer.

The formula ones learned in childhood aren’t quite doing the trick.  Besides, they pre-suppose a religious leaning that I don’t follow.  All except the Serenity Prayer.  That’s much more of a ‘I’d like to live this way’ sort of prayer versus a ‘you’re great and I need you to protect me’ kind of prayer.  But the Serenity Prayer is usually invoked as a talisman against bad things happening.

I mean no offense to anyone in the slightest – heck, I’ve fervently said the Lord’s Prayer plenty of times in my life – but this most common fall-back prayer seems slightly co-dependent to me.  It seems to be about offering praise, almost like you’re placating a bully, in hopes that it will not hurt you and will deem to take care of you.  It’s a ‘you’re so great, I’m so insignificant, please give me things’ sort of prayer.

I’d like a prayer that says…

Hello infinite possibilities.

Hello limitless void.

I’m grateful for my place here.

I’m doing my best and intend to keep doing my best.

I appreciate the help, support, inspiration and perspectives.  It’s great to know that there’s so much more than myself here and that I’ve got friends.

I like not worrying, getting enough sleep, feeling healthy and being connected.  I’m not always great at all those things, but that’s okay.

Nice outfit.  What do you call that color?  I smell rosemary.  Thanks.



Susan Scot Fry

Update… Nice prayer.  Of course, the whole purpose is to remind myself to pray in the first place.  It wipes away worry and clears the path to the day.  It’s another word for meditation, the way I approach it.  So is this blog, in another way.


3 thoughts on “July 12, 2010

  1. Rubadubdub, thanks for the grub
    Ronald McDonald on nuclear sub.
    Praise to the Empire and Oil
    For every good thing
    No gods, no masters forever we’ll sing!
    Glad are we
    Not to be
    Concerned with theism or theodicy.


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