Significant Stuff

July 8, 2010

mmmm…. drugs.  To hell with moral fortitude.  Give me the sleeping pill.  While I’m at it, give me the pill that makes me loose 50 pounds, turns me back into a runner (post 50 pounds), styles my hair every morning and makes my cat less obnoxious at night.

In the meantime, the pill that helps me sleep through the night is a good start.

This must be an extreme situation because I’m pill-phobic.  I hate taking a pill for anything.  The moment it becomes vital and I succumb to the situation, my dark reptilian brain starts calculating how to stop it.

It’s not the pill itself or it’s affects.  It’s the dependency.  Now, if I could only have that same relationship with food.

Nah, I’d rather it be a healthy relationship.

Maybe there’s a pill I can take.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… Except ibuprofen.  I eat that stuff like skittles.


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