Significant Stuff

June 26, 2010

My brain is a swirl.   All I really want to do is look for a hotel in Minocqua, WI.  I indulged that fantasy for a few moments but can’t spare it any more.

Our vacation needs to be away from home, but I’m not used to traveling in July.  Things are all booked up!  I’m much more used to being the destination in July and then traveling in the shoulder season.

Be the destination.  That sounds a lot more existential than it really is.  I just want to load my dog and husband in the car, drive somewhere and get to go hiking.

First things first.  We’ve got 2 more show days and strike to manage.  It’s a glorious way to spend the next 3 days.  That’s the first stop.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  Last night’s event illustrated perfectly how important it is to stay focused on NOW.  It was another wonderful evening and a weird blend of drama and triumph.  I got to see how well some do and how well some don’t rise to the occasion.


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