Significant Stuff

June 24, 2010

Show Day.

I woke up at 5:50 am and gamely attempted to go back to sleep.  At 5:51, Ron gave up and got up.  I was determined and occupied space for about another 40 minutes.

But, it’s Show Day.  I can’t sleep.

So much to do, but the to-do list isn’t what’s getting me up.  It’s Show Day.

I have this otter fetish… hang on, that can be taken several ways… I have an actual little carved otter sitting on my desk.  It’s not my animal totem – the otter is Ron’s.  But I picked it out for him.  It was carved by a very skilled gentleman in Colorado.  For some reason, I’m so drawn to it though.

Okay, that’s such an obvious ‘well, duh, Susan.  You married him…” but there’s more to it than that.  I find myself picking it up and holding it in the palm of my hand.  There’s a lighthearted sense of fun about an otter.  Maybe that’s why I feel happy holding it.

Otters just want to have fun.

That’s what Show Day is.  Excitement, happiness, otter-fun.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  This is significant because it’s natural.  No, I’m not getting enough sleep.  No, I don’t have time to do all the things on my self-imposed to-do list.  And, I don’t care.  I’m happy about this production and none of those things matter.  My little otter-ness is having fun.  Fun didn’t used to come naturally to me.


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