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June 20, 2010

My house is covered in dog hair.  There are dog hair tumbleweeds wafting across every surface, it seems.

In times of more tidiness wherewithal, I habitually scoop them up and chuck them.  Not so much right now.  My house looks like one of those “when the flora and fauna take back over” kinds of mock reality shows.

Mmmm…. mock reality.  That’s it!  The floor of my house is a one of those hidden camera kinds of t.v. programmes.  Candid Camera tinged with Scare Tactics. It would be aired on Animal Planet.

See how I come full circle – back to the dog hair.  See how I conveniently spent these few precious moments talking about it instead of picking it up.  That’s quite unlike me.  I’m a spring into action (with or without consultation) kind of girl.

There’s a cast member who needs some care.  I think after this blog posting, I’ll focus on her and manage to continue to avoid the dog hair tumbleweeds.



Susan Scot Fry

Update…  The hair tumbleweeds await no person.  They continue to grow in stature and sentience.  In the meantime, the honeymoon has worn off for a couple of folks who now need some personal attention.  I am going to give it to them.


One thought on “June 20, 2010

  1. We got Olivia a lion cut to cut down on the amount of fur bunnies that we have around the house. It’s pretty hilarious looking….she’s looking like a bobble head. You should come see her!


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