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June 17, 2010

I should be drying my hair and leaving the house in that order.

ArtSpin wants me to talk about the collaborative process at their monthly meeting this morning.


Rabbit hole laced with best intentions.  That’s our process.

We’re Optimist Theatre not because we have this Pollyanna attitude.  We’re Optimist Theatre because it’s the only attitude we can afford to have and expect success.  Milwaukee doesn’t need another theatre company.  We’re not the best or only people to create what we’re striving to create.  We’ve got very little money.

And yet…

We’re doing this thing.  It’s hard.  And we’ve put so much of ourselves into it, we need every edge to succeed.  That starts with optimism.

Pessimism will kill us.

So….  The collaborative process.  I believe it begins with shaking hands with myself and saying “Hello Gorgeous.”


Susan Scot Fry

Update… This attitude got me through the day yesterday.  Let’s see about today.


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