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June 16, 2010

3 deaths.  In a macabre sense, it’s comforting.


“These things always happen in threes.”  That’s the wives tale and it is so strongly internalized with some of us that when tragedy strikes, we immediately start looking for similar losses and pains.  We need to get to that magical 3 as soon as possible and take comfort that it’s over.   So that we can grieve without waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I don’t know the origin of this superstition, but I just googled ‘happens in threes’ and there’s quite the hit list.  A quick scan says that most of the postings are individuals’ perspectives on this phenomena versus any history or folk lore.  But, really all this googling is another way of coping.  Trying to understand and make sense of loss as if I do enough research, the comforting path of relief will reveal itself.

Well, it won’t.  Knowledge helps, but it doesn’t take away the pain.  The pain has to be felt.  The pain deserves to be felt – as much for our own sakes as in honor and tribute to the person who has died.

Our time is short.  Don’t waste it.



Susan Scot Fry

Update…  I’m very happy to be part of this cast and crew.  Except that Ken guy.  He hugged me and I cried.  I should have punched him…


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