Significant Stuff

June 12, 2010

I had a good time playing with make-up on the Tribe last night.  Moments like that remind me that I’m more than a clock-watching, check-listing, laptop-troll.

C-W, C-L, L-T’s unite!  We make the stuff that looks like fun possible.  Us and all the other people involved in the project.

It takes a city to raise some Shakespeare.  If we were actually able to afford to pay everyone involved in the project, we’d be considered a significant new employer.  We’d probably qualify for city subsidies.  We’d get tax breaks.

But, artists are expected to give it away.  True, that’s the weltanschauung of free Shakespeare in the Park.  We do give it away and that’s the way it should be – for us.  It costs a substantial amount to produce.  My point is, it should cost more.

We get by on good will, enthusiasm, love, altruism, and so much more.  We get by because there are plenty of C-W’s, C-L’s, L-T’s who are happy to pitch in.  We’re all artists.  The minute you volunteer, you join the ranks.

Back to it.  With love.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… I got a little glimpse into the mania last night.  I somehow managed to get a couple hours ahead of the to do list (Yes, it is almost that tightly scheduled….) and instead of rewarding myself with a mystery-book-wine-and-cat curl-up, I drove to Alverno to watch rehearsal.  That was my reward.  I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted to do more.  So, I’ll keep watching time, checklists and laptops for that open-mouthed bliss.


2 thoughts on “June 12, 2010

  1. Can we come up with a better name? I just got asked to be a company’s CWCLLT, and I want it to be magical and wonderful.

    Oh, did I mention they formally asked me to be their CWCLLT?


    1. Congratulations! No, you didn’t say. That’s super. The world needs more of us officially and gainfully employed.

      And, sorry but no. That’s our moniker and we wear it proudly. Makes for a rectangular membership badge, but hey I like being a square peg.


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