Significant Stuff

June 3, 2010

Pack it all up and take it with me today.  I should be doing just that right now, but I’m here instead.

The pace over the next 2 weeks is going to do nothing but escalate – as it should.  This blog has become a commitment, though.  I haven’t missed a day.  It’s been 5 months.  Dig it.

Today, I will focus on people.  It’s at that point in the SITP process where humans are struggling.  The honeymoon sparkle has dulled a little and the work load has increased.  This is when it’s especially important to be considerate.  It’s a natural part of this process and I’m glad that I’m aware of it.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… This is indeed a toughie.  People are at their most vulnerable right now.  These are people who deserve assurances, but their fellows are feeling the same pinch.  My eyes are open and I’m looking for the right thing to do.


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