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June 2, 2010

Good Morning, Milwaukee!

Okay!  Who needs an independent events producer?

In the category of ‘staring me in the face’ THAT’s what I’m good at.  Time to do some market research and see if there’s enough of a customer base to pursue.

A very smart lady said to me a couple of days ago, “You think of everything!”  She had a sense of wonder in her voice.  It was hugely flattering, but I confess I didn’t see anything extraordinary in what I was doing.  I had done it a bajillion times before.  Repetition doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is good at something, but it helps.

So, here’s the truth in it.  I suspect there’s no-one out there who is interested in hiring me as an independent event producer.  Hell, I’m prickly.  I suspect that my best bet is to produce my own events.  Just like we’re doing with free Shakespeare in the Park.  That is a labor of love and idealism.  It doesn’t pay the bills, though.

Is that what’s next?

Something to consider during my regularly scheduled labor of love.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  Apparently smacking my head up against the south wall allowed the window shade of the north wall to pop up.  As soon as I stopped with the self-flagellation, I noticed the light coming in behind me.  Yes, I’ve had my epiphany and it was about Caper Company.

At the same time, though I got great input about the epiphany that I was pushing for – that I was expecting.  Man, I’ve got good friends.  Especially Rowan.


2 thoughts on “June 2, 2010

  1. Wel, look what happens when you have ONE idea! Imagine you let loose on the public – it can only be for the better!


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