Significant Stuff

May 25, 2010

Ron and I finally agree on something.  We are such a yin-yang couple that that is indeed something amazing and of note.

We agree that if we can continue producing free Shakespeare in the Park, it will be a life well spent.

Imagine, helping give the gift of Shakespeare to the city of Milwaukee every year.

Imagine, being surrounded by world-class-talent operating at the top of their game.

Imagine, talking to people whose lives have been changed by the experience.

It’s happening already.  And so much more.

It’s mind-boggling.


Susan Scot Fry

Update… My imagination runs away with me at times.  That has not always been a bad thing.  In the midst of pondering dream possibilities, I’m getting on with the work that makes the magic happen.  The question is – is it the right work?


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