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May 14, 2010

I have an odd resume.  Not (entirely) in content, but in structure.    It’s in 3 sections:

What I’ve Done….

Because of What I’ve Done, I Can…

Other Things About Me.  I…

I figure, if someone gets hung up about the non-traditional structure, they aren’t interested in me as an employee.

I’ve done a LOT of hiring and got to thinking one day – What do I really want to know about someone?  What kinds of questions do I ask in an interview?

I want to know they’ve got experience but I’m able to translate experience into abilities.  If the person being considered worked a fast food counter, I can assume they know how to work the cash register.  I don’t need that repeated.

Beyond the obvious skills inherent with specific positions, I want to know what’s special about their skills.

I also want to know who they are and what they think is important.

Well, my resume tells you these things.  And, it’s fun to read.  Having read hundreds of resumes, I’m doing the world a favor by not adding to that drudgery.  I used to delight at a well crafted, fun and interesting cover letter but they were inevitably followed by a boring resume.

Well, I will not bow to conformity.  If someone is using my resume as the first test to see if I can follow a prescribed, universally accepted structure, this will be a fail.  I can do it, but I’m not going to show you here.  If you don’t like my resume structure, you won’t like me.  If you like me, you’ll be thrilled that you hired me.  The greatest work-related kudo I ever got was from a boss I had about 20 years ago.  He said, “If I had 10 of Susan, I could rule the world.”

It’s true.  If I had 10 of me, I could rule the world.  One down, nine to go.

And, that quote is on my resume.  Thanks, Mark.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  I know that a resume is also the first opportunity someone has to show how well or how well they don’t follow the rules.  I believe that’s less important to me than being effective.  Perhaps if I get really desperate for a job, I’ll restructure.


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