Significant Stuff

May 10, 2010

Pick up the pace.  Sounds great.

I was out on our waddle this morning and noticed my pace is already faster after only one week.  Don’t let that fool you.  I’m not fast.  the emphasis is on the -er.  It’s all relative.  But, during the walk portion of the run-walk, I thought “pick up the pace”.  Reminded me of a goal I’d blogged about last week.

I’m on it.

I’d like picking up the pace to feel natural.  Perhaps it will if I’ve got a training program.  A timed program seems to be the ticket for the half marathon thus far.  Timed ‘pre-training’ worked like a charm for the first 2 full marathons, so hey.

Okay, for the next hour, I’m going to plow through as much of this stack as possible.  I think I’ll use my stopwatch, even.

Ready, set…


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  This is going to take practice.  I’ve discovered, it’s not the speed in which I process something, but the transitions.  That’s what I’ll be focusing on instead.  Do it and do the next thing – how much time does the ‘and’ take?


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