Significant Stuff

May 4, 2010

I’m advice girl this morning.  There’s a resort who wants to put on a one-weekend Ren Fest and they are asking for my opinions, which I’m happy to share.  Surprise, surprise.  Yes, sometimes it’s harder to get me to stop talking.  But, it’s fun to realize how much I do know when someone asks and I need to answer.

I also realize that my advice has a spectacular slant and I’ll admit it.  If you’re interested in doing something with as little care and thought as possible, then you don’t want my opinion.  My instincts don’t work from that place.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  Well, not really hard.  But, I’ve wanted to.

Not really.

I know that on the best teams, there are people who are extravagantly creative and parsimoniously stingy.  Frankly, you  need both and everything in between.  The key for success is genuine respect, appreciation and an atmosphere that rigorously fosters that.  I hope that my advice reflects that.

All this talk primes the pump for another biggie from my wish list.  This is going to take some more noodling before I put it out into the universe.

So far, so good on the wishes, though.

If wishes were cookies…  I’d probably have broccoli.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  No!  Cookies are cookies.  Sometimes I want cookies.  Sometimes I want broccoli.  The difference is conscious choice.

Sometimes I need to be open minded and listen.  Sometimes I need to process what I’ve heard and decide what’s best.  Always I need to appreciate what’s being given.


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