Significant Stuff

May 2, 2010


Yesterday, I realized that we’re completely tapped for Shakespeare in the Park.  If there are no surprises, our budgeted expenses will be covered and it will be a great show (have you seen our cast, crew and collaborators?!) but that’s it.  Then, last night, a donation came in.  It’s was $50 and it came at exactly the right time.  Out of the blue.  From an old friend.

Thank you so much.  With all my heart, thank you.

This mystifies me.

The money to produce The Tempest has come from 2 sources, but who are actually one and the same.  From the Wisconsin Arts Board (representing the people of the state of Wisconsin) and human beings.  Even the couple of $500 and $1000 donations we’ve received came directly from people.  The checks were hand written and signed.  And they were 100% thanks to the efforts of people personally asking friends to help.

And the show will go on.  It will be because people are pitching in in every way imaginable.  We know and continue to meet people who’s hearts are big.  Who have dug in and offered their time, talents and the $15 that they can spare.  (Did I tell you about getting an envelope from a nun with $15 in it?  I have that envelope on my bulletin board and will keep it forever.)

This is not a thinly veiled plea for cash.  This post is because I’m filled with wonder this morning at the serendipity of tapping out yesterday and then having someone put $50 in the coffer later the same day.  I’m grateful for and awed by the generosity of our friends and extended friends.  I also believe we make our own fate, so for something like that to happen kind of bends my mind.

An adviser recently told us, that it’s okay to accept the generosity.  We’re not taking it for ourselves (a more profound truth than he realized upon uttering) but we’re taking it for the cause.  Bless him for that perspective. We’re all brand spanking new at fundraising, so there’s naturally some head-wrapping-around-it we’re also doing.

Right, another adviser told us that if we don’t ask, the answer is always No.  Profoundly simple and true.  So, if you want to make a donation, there’s a paypal button on the Optimist Theatre website.  But I’m not inserting a link here.

I obviously still have a lot to learn.

I believe in free Shakespeare in the Park.  Thank you for believing in it too.

Significantly Mystified,

Susan Scot Fry

Update…  It’s a big silver lining to also live a day feeling grateful.


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