Significant Stuff

April 29, 2010

I am Gladys Kravitz.  All I need are binoculars.

This must be my newest phase in life.  Watching the crossroads outside my window.  Starting on my ‘real’ lifes’ work in my late 40’s.  Me and Alice Pearce.

Mostly, what I see are cars almost hitting each other because they don’t see that the stop sign isn’t on both streets.  I see dog walkers.  Early this morning, at my Gladys-Kravitziest – I saw a guy in sweat pants taking pictures of the abandoned house across the street.

Alice Pearce won a posthumous Emmy for her role as the nosy neighbor on the 60’s t.v. show “Bewitched”.  Before that, she had resisted t.v.  She preferred working on the stage.  I wonder what happened?  Was t.v. What’s Next for her?  She was already a fairly successful comedienne.

I was already a fairly successful producer.  I just did it for someone else.  So, now me (and my binoculars) are doing it for …  something else.  But, it’s still essentially the same thing.  I’m still producing a festival.  Is this What’s Next?




Susan Scot Fry

Update…  This is such a critical question.  What’s my passion?  I think I know the answer.  The question is whether or not Shakespeare in the Park scratches that itch.  I think it can.  Partially.


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