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April 22, 2010

Wish Lists.

We met a couple last night who are active in the local arts and community scenes and who could offer advice on Optimist Theatre.  Not an uncommon occurrence.  We’re constantly asking for advice and have been lucky to find smart and generous people like Dan and Barb.

One of the pieces of advice that Barb gave was to create a Wish List.  She said that she’s worked with many organizations on helping them gather materials they need and one of the methods of communicating those needs is a simple wish list.  She also said that it’s so straight forward that a lot of organizations don’t do it.  Or if they do it, they aren’t clear on the steps it takes for it to be effective.

Okay, here’s my take on how this works…

Figure out what we need.

Ask for it.

Say thank you.

Use it.

Let people know it was useful and say thanks again.

Pay it forward.

Wow.  How simple is that?

Deceptively so.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  I started scratching one up and it was amazing.  It’s so much easier to go after what we need when I’m clear on what that is.  Wow.  What a powerful life tool.


One thought on “April 22, 2010

  1. This is my be-all-end-all favorite tool. If I could ever get you down here, I want to show you lifeline theatre’s wish-list wall covering everything from light bulbs to full children’s programs. It’s so awesome. I’m trying to implement it with the theatre I’m working for now.


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