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April 14, 2010

I’ve LinkedIn.


I spent some time yesterday sending invitations to a bunch of people to connect on LinkedIn.  They didn’t go to everyone on my personal email list, but it was a big push.  Guess what?  People accepted.


Now what?

I’m prepping to send an invitation to attend The Tempest that I hope they will in turn extend to their business, professional and social colleagues.  Hence the new LinkedIn network expansion.  I sent invitations to people who I thought would like to be in the loop on that.

Okay, I’ve answered my own question.  That’s what.  I send invitations.  One at a time.  Time consuming, but then this endeavor is personal.

Let’s get on it!


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  Right now, the plan is to sort the acceptances out and acknowledge them in one fell swoop.  That seems like a good plan.  Okay, it’s less of a plan than a hope.  I hope and plan for it not to be the road paved to hell.


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