Significant Stuff

April 13, 2010

The first thing to do when prepping for a photo shoot is to clear away the visual clutter.  Create simple, interesting, well-composed scenes that evoke the image or message that you want to convey.

Is life any different?

I’m working on creating simple, malleable settings for the photographer from Milwaukee Magazine who’s coming to the house this morning.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are a couple other rules — some which I violated, some which I didn’t.

Is life any different?

Don’t cut my bangs the night before a photo shoot.  I didn’t really cut them.  It was more of an emergency errant hair trim.  But, I think I’m okay.

Figure out what I’m going to wear the day before and put it in the washing machine.  The natural and correct assumption is, if it’s what I  want to wear for a photo shoot, it’s in the laundry more than hung in the closet because I wear it all the time.  Codicil to this rule is to also put the load into the dryer.  I did this, by the way.

Pick a room or closet — or both of each in my case — and close the door to all the errant stuff I just stuffed into them.

Final rule:  Realize that I don’t live like this and be fine with it.  I like some visual clutter.  I enjoy seeing various keepsakes clustered around me.  It will slowly creep back out as soon as he’s gone.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  Posing for pictures is fun, especially when the photographer is game.  Our photographer from Milwaukee Magazine was game.  He was also young and deferential.  I wonder if he automatically assumed that since we’re being photographed for this particular publication that deference was required.

It’s not.  As a matter of fact, it gets in the way and can be irritating.  Especially when I’m one of a collective of people determined to ‘out-nice’ the other.  It’s funny how often this happens.


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