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April 8, 2010

One of the greatest compliments I ever got in my entire life was from Richie at the Southern Faire.  We were walking over by the Commedia encampment and talking about the work that Ron and I were doing that season with entertainment.  Richie goes way, way back.  He’s been around a long time, has seen a lot of things and remains good-natured, optimistic and kind.  He told me that he felt that the work I was doing was reminiscent of feelings that Phyllis evoked when she first started the Faire 40-hummunna years earlier.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not comparing myself to Phyllis Patterson.  She was a visionary, a woman of extraordinary energy and passion, a force of nature.  She also worked from the heart.  Her heart was true and full.  That’s the connection that Richie was talking about.  My heart is true and full and many people felt it.

I made a lot of mistakes at Southern.  I had my heart both broken and filled to bursting.  There’s no room for gray in that wonderful place.  Even now, I well up with tears when I think about those people.  Every single one of them — even the ones who absolutely hated me and do to this day.  I laugh, not in derision, but in tribute, wonder and joy for the passion that feeds that ire.

I admire, love and miss you all.

I didn’t set out this morning to write about the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire, but there you go.  In 2 days, it’s OPENING DAY.  Thank you for 2 mind-blowing and life-altering seasons of letting me be a part of it.

I believe in you.

I’ve got your back.


Susan Scot Fry

Update…  It felt good to write this.  The thing I noticed later is that it’s more about the people I angered.  I am sorry about so many things, but the good stuff …  there really was much more of that than the bad.

I think, when I write about my experiences at Southern in the future, I can talk about the good things.  I suppose that’s what’s most significant for me here.  I needed to acknowledge the bad first.  Start to deal with that and then I can allow myself to enjoy the good stuff.

That’s so me.




4 thoughts on “April 8, 2010

  1. Susan…You are also a woman of extraordinary energy and passion. You are one of the rarest creatures I’ve met in my time in the (still very male) world of renaissance faires…a woman who can hold her own, who didn’t need a man to follow or a man to back her up. I’ve found that world to be a rough place for an independant girl, and I’ve been inspired by every strong woman I’ve met there. You are absolutely one of them.

    Southern is still wonderful, but it’s not been the same. You are missed.


  2. We miss you too! Thanks for giving Country Garden Dancers a chance, when we were still very green around the gills. We’ve blossomed and grown and much of that is because we were given the opportunity to do so. Opening DAY!



  3. I can still feel the excitement you helped to create while you were there. I keep trying to remind myself…. every day is opening day. Thank you for so much more!


  4. Susan, my dear, we still miss you, your energy, and your fabulous all-cast meetings. You reinspired us when we needed it most. Thank you!


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