Significant Stuff

March 21, 2010

A really great guy I know named Scott is running the LA Marathon today.  Go, Scott!

Running a marathon is intense.  The reasons for running a marathon are intense.  I know a couple of people who, after their first one, made it part of their lives.  One time was enough for them to become addicted.  I understand.

Me, I’ve done it twice.  The first time, I had many reasons.  The second time, I did it mainly as an antidote to stress.  My hair and the enamel on my teeth were thinning  Yeesh.  The second time wasn’t nearly as good an experience and it’s because I did it to prevent something instead of to accomplish something.  It’s basic dog training 101.  You can’t teach a dog to NOT do something, but you can teach him to DO something.

I write this blog for the same reasons that I ran the first marathon.  But, this blog is What’s Next, so naturally the reasons have evolved.  I know I can do something for 6 months.  What happens when I do it for a year?  How will I change?

One big, obvious element is longevity.  Important things have had shelf lives.  I know that’s natural, but I long for something to last.  I long for something that I can look at and say, that’s there always.    Whatever that ‘thing’ is will change, will evolve, but it will always be there.

I trust me to always be there — no matter where I turn, there I am.  Outside of myself, what do I wish that I could trust would always be there?


Susan Scot Fry

Update… The giant Sequoias.  I hope.


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