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March 20, 2010

And, the adventure begins as most adventures do…  With less than enough sleep.

In this time difference haze that says, hey it’s really 9am you must be awake, I found myself watching Lady Gaga videos.

I get it now.

I might have gotten a wee more sleep last night if I hadn’t unpacked.  Yes.  That’s who I am.  My body feels like its 2 in the morning and I’m setting up my room.  Why?  It’s who I am.  I did manage to resist the urge to drive out for supplies.

Regardless — or perhaps because…? — I feel relaxed and am looking forward to the day.  I get to see my Mom and my little brother.  We may be sick of each other in 5 minutes, but that doesn’t seem to matter right now.

First, coffee.  Naturally, I packed my french press and my favorite mug with the monster face on it.


Susan Scot Fry


A pinot noir goes really nicely with my western bacon cheeseburger from Carls.  Harry Potter’s on t.v.  I’ve got emergency back up m&m’s on hand.  And I’m only kidding when I told Dre that the Eskimo’s may have been onto something with that ice floe thing.

My mom is delightful.  She’s also a bit more demented-ia’d than last time I saw her.  Which oddly adds to her charm.  And, I only had to remind her once who I was.



5 thoughts on “March 20, 2010

  1. The entire experience will be what you have chosen it to be. You chose for it to be great. So make it great! *smile*
    I hope you like Drood. I devoured it.


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