Significant Stuff

March 17, 2010

I had good work planned today.  Fundraising seminar this morning.  Photos and field research for a new tour later.  I’m back on track now — after a quick run to the local urgent care.

It’s not really urgent.  Just a stress induced UTI.  Why?  I’m doing well mentally, but I’ve let myself get tired.  No down time = down time whether I want it or not.

I had an odd epiphany this morning about health care.  I have a weird relationship with it.  I’ve wanted nothing more my whole life than to be cared for when I’m ill.  If that happens when you’re little, you learn to do it for yourself.  Then you learn to do it for others.  Then, all is right with the world.  When one piece of that puzzle is missing, whackiness ensues.  Or should that be whacked-ness?  As in out of whack.  Whackless.

I am well cared for.  Ron’s a prince.  And there is no tongue anywhere near my cheek when I write that.  It’s the hallelujah-amen truth.

Beyond that, my relationship with caring for myself and then caring for the health of others has whack issues.  See where I’m going?

I kind of do.

I’m back on track with the things I want to do today.  That’s kind of nice in itself because the issues of this morning are dealt with and not an excuse to stop my life.  Yeah, nice.

So, on with it.


Susan Scot Fry


Self-sufficiency used to mean unloved and uncared for.  It doesn’t anymore.


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