Significant Stuff

March 13, 2010

I have a presentation to make tomorrow to the Wisconsin Harbor Towns Association. Serendipitously, the President of the association is the same lady who runs the tourism bureau in Port Washington.  I’ve been working on developing a new tour there.  She’s been extremely supportive and helpful.  She sees the potential for paranormal tourism her town, wants to welcome Haunt Spots Explorers, and thinks that the other towns along the Wisconsin coast might too.


I wonder how tomorrow’s presentation will mirror my experiences doing research.  What people categories from February 10 will I encounter?  Let me hazard a guess…

There are 18 towns in the association.  I think there will 5 who are “Intrigued” and 13 who are that new twist on “Nuts” I discovered called “Extremely Polite”.

The “Intrigued” population will be primarily up for it for the tourism potential in spite of the fact that it’s focused on paranormal explorations.  In a group like this, only 1 person is going to admit out loud that they enjoy ghost stories and think that telling them is a great way to bring people to their area.  Well, maybe 2 will, but one of them will be Kewaunee because of the Historic Karsten Inn.

The “Extremely Polite” population will be attentive and extremely polite because, after all they did elect the (now obvious) nutbar who has invited me to give this presentation and they have to live with her after I’m gone.  Until the next election, that is.

I’m okay with these numbers because all I need is the next one.   I was less than zero when I first started digging into Port Washington, but I’m like a dog with a bone.  My instinct tells me there are good stories there and that Haunt Spots Explorers will love them.  So, I start talking to people.  If they get to know me, they realize that I’m not a nutbar and neither are people who have fun with these tours.  That may have been what happened with Kathy in Port Washington.  Now, how do I do that with these 18 towns in 15 minutes?

Maybe the answer is, I don’t.  I just look for the next one.

I hope it’s Manitowoc.  I’ve already got some great Haunt Spots for a Manitowoc tour.


Susan Scot Fry


Got some good advice.  Get any handouts I’m going to have ready and then be a tiny bit underprepared for whatever I’m going to say.  If I write anything up, I’ll read it.  That is just THE worst.  I hate being a talking head and since I don’t trust myself, if I have anything written in front of me, then that’s exactly what I will be.

It’s impossible to see yourself objectively.  It’s like trying to direct yourself in a play.  Bad idea.

It’s a blessing to know someone who I can trust to tell me the truth about what he sees and still be kind about it.  I hope I do that, too.




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