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March 11, 2010

It’s Optimist Theatre COMMITTEE TIME!  Mmmmmm….. Sexy.

(Insert this really cute picture I’ve got of trick or treaters here.  WordPress is acting a bit buggy this morning and won’t let me upload an image or add any tags….)

So far, the Educational Outreach Committee is getting up on it’s feet.  We’re meeting on March 15th.  But never fear, it Ed Outreach is your passion, you’re welcome to join in.  Just drop me a line.  Also, there are plenty other breathtaking opportunities and…

I know who you are.  Mostly.

Up next are the vaguely and boringly named…

Program Committee

Community Outreach Committee

Merchandise Committee

I’ve got a great (read: qualified) list of people who have said they want to help.  Thank God.  I suspect that the people who respond to this post are all already on that list.  The first thing we do is come up with better (read:  more fun) names.  I have dibs on Sybil.

I was having a great conversation with Fry a couple nights ago.  There was wine involved.  Duh.  We were talking about why we always end up working on projects with large groups of people and our respective approaches to those groups.  We have such vastly different styles.  For instance, he’s much more fun than I am.  I, on the other hand, get such a deep, heart-felt joy out of people who are doing their best work.  It’s like running on clouds for me.

I could stand to be more fun.  Ron could stand to chase fewer people who are late for rehearsal with heavy machinery determined to splat their inconsiderate butts into the earth.  Granted, he’s only done that once, but it makes for a swell urban legend.

Time to get going on March-Committee-Madness.

Who’s in?


Susan Scot Fry


I did think about this yesterday.  Partially as a placemarker for later.  Mostly as a reminder that I can have fun.  And a reminder that I’d better be having fun or what’s the point?

It used to irritate me no end when someone would say, “but it’s just a ….” (fill in the blank for whatever the activity was)  I thought that if they weren’t going to take the thing deadly seriously, why were they wasting their time and mine.

Sheesh!  What a downer I was!

I want to dance more.




6 thoughts on “March 11, 2010

  1. anyway I can help from CA? Interested in helping with Ed Outreach and Program-ing, just let me know.

    I won’t be back in town until June 18th (my b-day, btw. 😉 ), but I have the lovely internets and Skype, if that’s any help.


  2. says “Any references to Fry chasing people with heavy equipment are urban legend and have very little foundation in fact. Besides, he’s much better now.”


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