Significant Stuff

February 28, 2010

It’s Spring tomorrow and there are daffodils on my desk.  Last night, they were buds in a vase and this morning they’re all bloomed.

Today is about gratitude.

Gratitude for…

Giving and getting love.

Abundant women.

The journey.

Life and death.

Finding things in people that I admire.

This blog.

Aha moments.

Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, Consistency, and Clarity.

Red wine and a fireplace.




Susan Scot Fry


Thank you.

I was wondering yesterday evening if I’d failed in being grateful.  But, no.  I hadn’t.  Being grateful doesn’t mean a continual existence of the high that comes with the initial warm fuzzy flush.  It’s easier to feel gratitude when it’s not confused with intoxication.  It’s like ‘keeping Christmas in your heart year round.”  We humans aren’t hard wired to maintain those highs.  That’s why they’re called highs.  Because they aren’t normal.  They’re extraordinary.   Lovely, but not the goal.

I have to allow myself to be okay with not being blissful all the live long day and then consequently get down on myself for feeling down.  I have not failed as a happy person if there’s an absence of tra-la-la cartoon birds fluttering about my head and have already digested my spoonful of sugar.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “February 28, 2010

  1. Today I am grateful for my friends. A little crazy, a lot caring and all special. A wonderful cross sampling of amazingly talented people from Kaitara, my beloved daughter with a wicked sense of humour and devastatingly beautiful, David and AE, both with dazzling wit, love of playing and gift of words to Beth, sublimely creative and who understands those dark twists, Ellen who challenges me all the time to improve my own skills, Julia who talks straight with me when I’m being stupid, Mike and Jo who picked me up like a lost puppy out at faire and also push me to be better at my art. Christie who is helping me navigate the wacky website thing , and is just always fabulously put together, you for these lovely thoughts and posts which make me consider so much…and many, many others…
    Each one touches me, each one shares so much…
    Without all of these people, their love and support, I would not be here.

    Thank you.


  2. I just became aware of the William Wordsworth poem entitled Daffodils. And I love it. And now, this beautiful post from you . . . perhaps the powers of the universe are trying to tell me to plant daffodils this year? I’m not very good with bulbs . . . research, here I come. But, I think Wordsworth would be pleased.


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