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February 27, 2010

First, a bit of a routine.  Feed Russell and Elliott.  Coffee and paper.  Blog.  Ron and Elliott just went out running — I could see them go by from my upstairs window.  As soon as I finish this post, it’s meditation / prayer / stretching time.  Then on with the day, which is pretty blended today.

Today are our (hopefully) final Tempest auditions.  We’ve got one character left to cast.

This evening, Ron is meeting with our Dramaturg while I get to meet with someone about a possible Haunt Spot in Milwaukee.

Tonight, we’re (hopefully) getting together with the creator of another show that Ron’s doing the design work for.  And, she’s got ghost stories.

My comfort level with this blend of focuses is still low.  I question why.

Why have I tried so hard to compartmentalize?  In the “the most obvious answer may be the truth” category, it could be a left-over childhood coping mechanism.  When I was little, I learned to forget.  When I became an adult, the memories returned.  Perhaps the drive I have to keep life segments separated from each other stems from that habit.

Those barriers are fuzzing.  I confess that it’s scary, but so were the reasons for learning to forget.  I had strong motivation then and learned well.

I believe I also have a focus for my prayer and meditation this morning.


Susan Scot Fry


Right after this post, I found out that the Mother of a friend and co-worker had died that morning.  I never met the lady in person, but she was peripherally a part of my life this past month.  Chas had been doing some writing for me and was able to work on it in between efforts to move his Mom in with him so, I was keeping up on the moving efforts.

That’s some perspective for you.

We try so hard to make sense of life.  To make connections and find happiness.  That’s what this journey is about.  Sorting through.  Giving and getting love.

I’m so glad that Chas’ Mom was home.  I’m so glad to be working to sort things through.  Gratitude helps everything.




2 thoughts on “February 27, 2010

  1. Do you know that I read all these bloggy things you write? Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they make me cry. I think that maybe we grew up in the same house, just different rooms. Had I known this when we were both at Bristol, we would have spent a lot more time hugging.


    1. I was talking to Ron last night about who might be reading this blog and that I could guess maybe 5 or 6 people — and you’re on that list. I don’t know who else does.

      Finding you through this blog has been a blessing. One of the most significant actions I took during PTSD recovery is my policy of No Secrets. So, this blog is like an extension of that. I’m finding people like you who totally get it.

      They make me laugh and cry, too.

      Thank you, Deb.


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