Significant Stuff

February 25, 2010

The secret to making things happen:

1)  Show up.  In person. Womano-a-womano.

There’s more.  I typed it up, deemed it repetitious of ad nauseum advice already out there and edited it out of existence.

I’m heading out again today.  I’m going it backwards and focusing on action first and will tell you about it later.




Some Aha! moments are so quiet that you don’t realize you had them until you are telling someone else about your day.  Now that I’m done speaking in the 3rd person…


Showing up did it.  I stuck with a plan and showed up until it became clear to me that it’s not the best plan.  More importantly, the next evolution of the plan is clear.

I’m in research mode.  What’s the best resource for research?  The source, of course.  I’ve been dancing around the source and although I hope I dance, I also hope I’m effective.  And, a good dancer.


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