Significant Stuff

February 12, 2010

All of a sudden, I went from working mostly alone to having 3 people asking me what to do next.  Feast!

Today, I have two Caper Company writers and one Optimist Theatre intern working for me.  It’s awesome!  It’s also a radical gear shift from ‘doer’ to ‘manager’.  I’ve recently worked with a lot of volunteers on different projects, but these people are more akin to employees.  The relationship is different.

I have not always been the easiest person to work for.  One of the reasons that I retired from my former job cold turkey was to allow me to make a clean transition to a new approach to life and to work.  I needed that time in between to get myself back.  Now, I get to put into practice the re-gained me.

I told a friend a while back that I have some strongly held beliefs about how to treat myself and other people and be radically productive as a result.  I also told her that one of the reasons I struck out in a new direction is to discover whether or not I was full of shit.  Everyone’s got opinions on how something should be done.  I want to find out if I’m right, wrong or something in between.

Here’s my chance.


Susan Scot Fry


My content is the not a lot different that in years past.  It’s my approach that’s changed.  I don’t just mean my approach to other people, but to myself.  It’s so obvious, but that’s where it starts.

Yesterday, I got great things from the people I worked with and near zero angst from myself.  I explained what I wanted, made sure they were on track and then checked in every once in a while.  Otherwise, they did the things and did them beautifully.

Is this more productive?  Yes.  I wasn’t stuck in a spiral of doubt and worry — which erodes all other areas of productivity.  They were clear on what they were doing and ended up doing better than they thought they would.  Together, we enjoyed the work.

Hmmm… enjoying the work?  Together?  That’s significant.


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