Significant Stuff

February 11, 2010

Get on the phone today, Susan.

I’m better at it than I used to be, but I still have an uneasy relationship with talking on the phone.

Being on the phone used to be my job.  Then, I had large teams of people for whom it was their job.  It was such a constant that I outfitted them all with this headset that is molded to your inner ear.  A sales rep comes to your office and squirts this foam stuff in your ear, then in about a week, you get a headset that fits inside your ear.  People forgot they were wearing them.  They’d just unsnap if they needed to head away from the desk.  I remember running across an employee at a restaurant during a lunch break and she still had it in – just unsnapped.  She’d forgotten she was wearing it — and confessed it wasn’t the first time she’d gone to lunch with the thing still in her ear.

This is amazingly dull, but then it serves the procrastination purpose.  What else can I do to procrastinate?

What can I do to stop procrastinating?

I can post now and pick up the phone.


Susan Scot Fry


It’s exhausting being pleasant all day.  I’m here to tell you.  I may have to go kick something soft and defenseless now.

I did it.  I got on the phone and made cold calls all day.  I wasn’t bad at it, but hey I’m still irksome now.  Just ask Ron.  He’s been trying to cheer me up all day and I’ve steadfastly refused to succumb to his considerable charm.

Highlight…. There’s a very strong chance that we’ll have an interior to explore on our next Haunt Spots tour.  Yep, that’s right.  Open the door, walk right in and chit-chat with the guy behind the bar about the paranormal experiences that have become commonplace at this establishment.  I’m going to go meet with them on Saturday.

Lowlight… See yesterday’s post about “Nuts” and “Dismissive”.  Everyone was at least polite.


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