Significant Stuff

February 9, 2010

Take as much care at the end as you do at the beginning.  Lao Tzu knew a thing or two.

Today, we’re going to diligently work on final details.  I’m taking advantage of Fry being home today and enlisting his help.

I’ve always been better at starting than finishing.  What’s this aversion to calling something done, adding my signature and moving on?  Perhaps, I have an artist’s perspective that a work is never really finished — it’s abandoned.  There are always a few more touches, a few more tweaks.   You’d think, hey the Brave New World fundraiser’s been over for more than a week now.  What’s left?  Lots, according to my list.  No event this size is over just because the day is past.  Ideally, it’s more of a beginning than an end in itself.

Let’s see — final receipts to people for donations; feedback to silent auction donors; more thank you cards; media re-cap; finish collecting for winning bids or donations promised; database of … everything.

What can we do today to call this done and lay the foundation for moving forward?


Susan Scot Fry


This is going to take more than a day, but that’s okay.  Yesterday, I made progress but more importantly, I gained some clarity.

It can be hard to figure out what needs to be done when the stacks are high, messy and unfamiliar.  Yesterday, I was able to talk through the stacks and figure it out.  I didn’t really need anyone to help me do the things — although a bit of help was nice — but helping me cut thru the fog was the biggest help.




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