Significant Stuff

February 8, 2010

You go.

Rituals and passages.  Weddings and birthdays.  Observances of the events that mark our life path.

You go.

They’re important.  Much more important than a few more hours of our lie-in yesterday.  We dragged our butts up, got dressed and went to a lovely marriage reception last night.

You go.

A few years ago, when Ron and I got married, a good friend came to our wedding and reception.  We didn’t expect to see him.  He was in the middle of a family crisis, but there he was at our wedding.  We talked about it and he explained that one of the many things that he learned during this particularly bad time is the importance of these events.  When someone you love is dying, it’s especially important not to stop living.  It honors that person even more and makes their lives better when you overcome your personal angst and make the effort to mark significant points in life.  We summed it up in two simple words that we’ve repeated many times over the last 8 years…

You go.


Susan Scot Fry


I was talking with Fry about this mantra and we both agreed — there has never been an occasion where ‘we went’ and later thought, ‘well, that one wasn’t a good idea.’  It’s always been a good idea.  We’ve loved being a part of people’s important times.  Yes, like most people, it’s hard to overcome inertia, but experience continues to drive us out the door.

I hope ‘you go’ too.

Love and Appreciation,



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