Significant Stuff

February 7, 2010

“Comfort food” comes in many forms.  My daily wallow is in helping Elliott do his one job of getting  the paper from the front porch and then I get to sit with a cup of coffee and read it.  If I’m feeling peppy and chilly, I’ll make a fire too.

The day starts well when that happens, and most days that’s the way it works.  It’s one of the wonders of working at home.  I may be up until late working, but the trade-off is the morning dog-paper-coffee ritual.

What other comfort food rituals do I have?  Those things that make me feel good regardless of what else is going on in life?

Hiking with Ron and Elliott.

Lime crack and fresh salsa.  I don’t know what the chips are actually called, but they’re coated in this addicting lime-ish flavored dust that makes the corners of your mouth crack.

The end of a run with Ron and Elliott.  Who am I kidding – the reason I used to run was to finish.

Twilight Zone or Ghost Hunters t.v. marathons.  Or a full Saturday of those terrible, made-for-SyFy t.v. thriller movies.  I don’t actually watch them all day, but having them on in the background while I do other stuff is warm and fuzzy.

Pizza.  Frozen, Home Run Inn pizza.  Coated with fresh oregano from my herb garden.

Squirreling up in an evening with Ron and watching 3 or 4 back-to-back episodes of Dexter, Deadwood or whatever series we’re working through.

BBQ potato chips.

Checking my email.  Actually, this is more of an obsessive-compulsive behaviour than comforting.

Steamed broccoli with olive oil, salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Mystery novels.

Why am I mulling this?  Because there are times when I need a little comfort.  Times when I’m particularly depleted and need to regenerate.  When I need it most, it’s often hardest to figure out what to do.  Without thought, I’ll plug my way through the day and go to bed as exhausted as I was when I got up.

I believe in putting it all out there.  It’s a glorious thing.  I know in my head that being tired is not a punishment.  It’s a natural result of extraordinary effort.  Being tired is also not a self-indulgent sign of moral deficiency.

I confess, I struggle against feeling like it’s a sign of moral deficiency.

What can I do today that will help me regenerate?  How can I approach the day without feeling like a total failure for being tired?

Let me mull on this.  Do I have any broccoli?


Susan Scot Fry


Apparently, my most effective comfort food is company.  Specifically, I need Ron to not be working in order for me to also take some time off.  If he’s dervishing around and I’m trying to have a lie-in, I’m on edge.  There’s a part of my brain trying to figure out what I should be doing too.  Hmmm…


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