Significant Stuff

February 3, 2010

Transitions.  It’s attractive when some sort of ritual or observance is included — a birthday, new year, anniversary, party — but it’s not necessary.

I look back just a few days to “Welcome to my new, blended life”  and “My life is not a project” and “Take as much care at the end as you do at the beginning” and I think about how hard I’ve tried to deny these realities.

The Brave New World fundraiser is almost wrapped up.  I’ve begun Caper Company research again.  It’s only in the movies where you find opening credits (cue peppy, we didn’t exist before this moment-music) and the clear end (cut to a beautiful sunset).

Here’s to today and a blended life.

What am I going to do with it?


Susan Scot Fry


I used to try very hard to compartmentalize my life.  It is helpful to focus on one task or area at a time, but really it all adds up to life.  The less I need to control that, the easier it is to flow.


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