Significant Stuff

February 1, 2010

Tomorrow will epitomize the blend of my new life.  I get to partially spend it with Ron as he visits 8 classrooms at Cedarburg High School as William Shakespeare and I get to check out some area Haunt Spots for tour research.

Today, I prep.

Putting together a big event like Brave New World is all consuming – especially during the final week.  I miss Caper Company and am excited to be back into it.

I’ll stop at Founder’s Cemetery Park tomorrow and pay my respects.  Part of those respects will include a distinct welcoming back of what feels like my former pursuits — creating Haunt Spots tours.  Founder’s is one of those places that helped form the foundation for Caper Company and Haunt Spots tours.

So, where’s my ghost spreadsheet?


Susan Scot Fry


I fell right back into this.  Caper Company suddenly transformed from my brand new baby to my day job.  Wow.  That’s amazingly cool.  Caper Company is my day job.

I put a full day of research together pretty quickly AND worked on the fundraiser.  There’s still lots to be done – processing credit cards, sorting out boxes, getting auction stuff to people, creating databases, meeting with our new intern.  It’s a full day and includes many great things – both for profit and non-profit.



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