Significant Stuff

January 24, 2010

Today I pray.

And I begin to weave life patterns through conscious choice.

I love patterns.  When I was marathon training, I used to create letter and number patterns in my head.  As a very slow runner, they kept me from going insane.


Susan Scot Fry


Again, this was a curious process.  Having prayed before, I’m starting to get a feel for what to expect.  I skipped over the “should I be asking for something? (like whoever I was communicating with is a genie in a bottle…)” part and moved more quickly to some interesting connections.

The pattern that’s emerging is that it’s important to do this regularly.  Prayer for me is much more like meditation with words.  I also know that I won’t do it every day, but on Sunday’s there seems to be a lot of that sort of thing going on. Also, the more I do it, the more effective it becomes.





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