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January 23, 2010

I very little idea who reads this blog — unless you comment here or on Facebook or email me a note.  Every once in a while, I look at the stats and am pleasantly surprised when it registers above zero.


Let me be honest.  If I didn’t want to share what I’m thinking, I’d be writing in a diary.  After my daily entry, I’d close and lock it and put it in the drawer under my socks until tomorrow.  Or, it would go in my purse and would come out at random times through the day.

When I was younger, I kept a daily diary and wrote in it every night.  In my teens, into my 30’s and a bit in my 40’s, I kept journals.  I still have a couple at the ready, should the need strike only now they’re in my underwear drawer.  Hey, I’m evolving here.

I believe that the content of my personal reflections and ability to communicate have also evolved.  I’m an Occam’s razor fan here – the simplest reason (to simplify the theory) is most likely the truth.  I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I feel I have something to share.

Another favorite saying is, “The urge to perform is not an indication of talent.”  Thank you, Garrison Keillor.  My earlier desires to share may have been more a need to be heard.  Frankly, some of what I wanted to say in the past took the form of delusional, painful ramblings compounded by extremely poor sentence structure.  I know, I still have all those old journals and diaries.  Whew.  They were vital parts of my process, but boy I’m glad they’re locked away.

When I write, there is always more to be said.  I do try to edit lengthy droning.  As a result of these posts however, I’m starting to hear from you. You’re also sharing support, helpful thoughts, experiences and suggestions.  This is wonderful.  Let me repeat that — this is wonderful.  It’s also illuminating to see what you picked up on in my post.  We all see what we need or want to see, but your reflections highlight what I actually said — regardless of what was in my head at the time.

What I’m thinking about is how to respond.  Is there a dialogue being opened or is an acknowledgment all that’s needed?  The only thing that’s certain is that the answers to this question matters.

For the moment, let me just say thank you.


Susan Scot Fry


The answer is that the depth of the ensuing dialogue is taken case by case.  The real answer is that if someone puts themselves out there with a comment or reply, then the very least that is deserved is an acknowledgment.

That may seem obvious, but it really isn’t.


One thought on “January 23, 2010

  1. “Is there a dialogue being opened or is an acknowledgment all that’s needed?”
    Good question. I think it depends. I feel that by posting your blog and having it open to comments means that you would like some dialog. Either between you and the commenters or among the commenters themselves. If someone posts something and you (or anybody else) has something more to contribute, then they should. Sometimes, such as with comments of support an acknowledgment would be fine.


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