Significant Stuff

January 20, 2010

I’m outta here!

I love my upstairs home office aerie by the window — oh hey, there’s our neighbor Hobo Jim walking his little dog, Trevor — Hi! — but the isolation can get to me.  You’d think that by now, the shock of realizing that it’s 4:00 in the afternoon and I’m still in my robe, would have worn off too, but it hasn’t.  I get up, get coffee, boot up, sit down and get going.  So much for getting dressed some days.

Well, today, I get dressed and get out into the world.  The main purpose in today’s excursion is meeting with the volunteers who are helping with the Brave New World fundraiser — and I’m reveling in it.

My relationship with large groups of people has evolved over the years.  It’s funny, but when I was doing a lot of acting was also when it was most difficult to be at ease in large groups.  There may be a correlation between my diminished desire for an audience and my growing love of working directly with groups of passionate people.

It may not be that significant that I’m heading out to do something that I’m comfortable with.  The significant thing is that I’m aware that this is a change and that it may continue to change.  It is the only constant in my life.  That, and my dog has goofy ears.


Susan Scot Fry


Yes, my dog has goofy ears.  They are also silky and fun to play with.

I thoroughly enjoyed my eclectic day out today.  Met new people and it was good.  Got up in front of people and was a talking head for far too long and it was good.  Expect for the parts that I could have shortened up a lot in retrospect.  I do have that problem with self-censorship — I’m not always good at it.

I wonder what next year will bring?


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