Significant Stuff

January 18, 2010

Kicking Brave New World butt again today.

We’re in the final 2 weeks before Optimist Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Park fundraiser and there’s lots to be done.  #1 priority today is to make a cold call.

I hate cold calling!  Is there anyone on the planet who likes it?  I didn’t think so!

I need to call Randy Sprecher and see if he will make a beverage donation.  I can do this.  A phone call won’t kill me.  (see previous post on how much I hate talking on the phone…)

I also need to call all the radio stations who received a press release.  This is a TON and a HALF easier.  I love talking to people in the media.  I get them.  I can offer something valuable and cool, too — interviews with Jim Pickering, Angela Iannone, Tom Reed, Ron Scot Fry, etc.  Or even with me.  I used to do 99% of the radio interviews for the Faire and thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Anyone want to call Randy Sprecher for me?  Oh, never mind.  It’s like eating a live toad first thing in the morning.  It guarantees that nothing worse will happen that day.  NOT that he’s a toad.  OR that I’m expecting a bad day.  Oh poo.  I’m digging a hole here.

I’m actually putting my fears into funny perspective.  It’s easier now to look forward to this phone call.  I also just found a picture of him on line and he looks like a really nice, happy, fun guy.  I think I’ll keep it up on my laptop screen when I call.

I love Sprecher products.  It’s great stuff.  Of course, when I say that, it’s going to sound like I’m sucking up.  I think that Sprecher epitomizes Milwaukee.  It’s a family name on a quality brewing company.  And their eagle crest logo rocks.

Raise a toast!  Here’s to a great day.

Where’s my toad…?


Susan Scot Fry


I did it!  I made the phone call.  I didn’t actually get to talk to anyone, but I left a perky message.

It’s hit and miss on the radio station phone calls today.  I’m leaving more messages than am getting through to live human beings, but it is a holiday.  I should do myself and them a favor and make the rest of these calls tomorrow when there’s a greater chance of connecting.

Now, onto OTHER Brave New World butt kicking!


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