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A Year of Significance

It’s simple.  Every day I will do something significant.  I’ll decide in the morning, post my intention and then tell you how I did the next morning.

Why?  I’ve long thought it would be great to take on ‘a year of…’ and have been open to just what that might be.

Why?  I believe that 365 significant things can add up to a whole lot of accomplishment.

Why?  It’s what’s next.

Wish me luck.


Susan Scot Fry


9 thoughts on “A Year of Significance

  1. This is a fantastic philosophy! One foot in front of the other, eh? (BTW, you look GREAT in that photo) Wishing you and RS a happy, and significant, new year!


    1. 🙂 Thank you, Misha!!!! A wonderful woman told me last year that all I had to do was unclench my fist and open my hand. I did and people like you are coming into my life. Thank you.


  2. You are an inspiration, Susan. I will wish you good luck, but I don’t think you will need it because you have all the talent and drive and fabulousness to turn all your dreams into reality! Thank you so much for your commitment to the arts!!!


  3. Good luck with this. It is a heady thing to try to make every day count; we should do it more often, but we get lost in the everyday of things: paying bills, grocery shopping, watching the news . . . instead of actually living. I look forward to following your exploits;)


    1. Ginger,
      Thank you so much for the good wishes and thoughts. As I ponder what is going to be significant each day, I believe that a large part of it for me will be in the ‘simple’ act of choosing. The act of making a conscious choice instead of falling into the flood of things and being washed along – as I am prone to do – like I suspect many people are – helps make it so much easier to pursue something significant each day.
      That and my fingers are crossed!


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